Best Camping String Lights 2024: Illuminate Your Outdoor Oasis

Camping String Lights

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of setting up a camping tent beneath the stars, enveloped in the stillness of nature. The gentle rustling of leaves, the distant hum of a nocturnal creature, and the soft, cool embrace of the night air. However, the sheer magic of nature, while captivating, can also bring a host of challenges, especially when night falls. That’s where the camping string lights step in!!!

So, what exactly are these?

In simple words, camping string lights are a series of small lights attached to a long wire or string. They’re designed to be hung up around a campsite, offering a steady source of light.

At first glance, they might look like the twinkling lights you drape around a Christmas tree. But in reality, these are far from the delicate decorations you might be picturing.

Camping lights are designed with the unpredictability of the great outdoors in mind. Built for resilience, they can withstand the dampness of a foggy night, the unpredictability of wilderness winds, and more.

Now, you might be wondering, “Why do I need outdoor string lights for camping? A simple flashlight should suffice, right?”

let me tell you why these string lights should be a staple in your camping gear:

  • Safety First: In the great outdoors, where the terrain is unpredictable, it’s easy to trip or bump into things, especially in the dark. Having a quality string lights can guide your path, ensuring you can see any potential hazards, be it a protruding branch or a forgotten piece of equipment.
  • Functionality: Ever tried cooking in the dark or searching for something in your backpack with just a dim flashlight? With camping lights, those tasks become infinitely easier. The ambient light spreads out, allowing for a clearer view of your surroundings and making camp chores smoother.
  • Ambience: Beyond the practical reasons, there’s no denying the charm of a softly lit campsite. The gentle glow from these lights adds warmth and coziness, making it the perfect setting for late-night stories, sing-alongs, or just lying back and stargazing.
  • Battery Life: Many camping lights are designed to be energy-efficient, lasting the night without draining your batteries quickly. Some even come with solar charging panels, so during the day, they charge up, ready to light up your nights.
  • Versatility: The beauty of these lights is in their adaptability. Want a gentle mood lighting or a warm white light? There’s a string light for that. Need led lights? There are led string lights available. Need bright lights to see clearly? or colorful lights? or decorative camping lights? You’ll find options for that too. Plus, their lightweight design means they’re easy to pack and transport.

While the beauty of camping lies in its connection to the raw, unspoiled beauty of nature, it doesn’t hurt to have some modern comforts along!

Camping string lights, with their blend of safety, functionality, and aesthetics, are a simple yet impactful addition to any camping trip, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

Our Picks:

Here’s our list of the best camping string lights:

  1. Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Lights – Best String Lights For Camping ( Overall)
  2. Selarlyt Outdoor Solar String Lights – Most Versatile Camping String Lights
  3. Metaku Globe String Lights – Best Battery – Operated String Lights
  4. Blingstar Fairy Lights – Best Decorative Camping Lights
  5. Brightown Outdoor Waterproof String Lights – Most Durable Camping String Lights

1. Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Lights are an elegant and eco-friendly solution for your camping lighting needs.

These lights are designed for outdoor use, with a solar panel and built-in light sensor that automatically turns the lights on at sunset. They combine the classic design of Edison bulbs with the convenience of solar energy to create a unique and playful atmosphere for your camping adventures.

The Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Lights are not only functional but also durable. With a length of 27ft and 12 Edison bulbs, this string light provides a warm, inviting glow that’s perfect for those cozy camping nights.

What sets these camping lights apart is the detachable solar panel that can be unhooked and placed in a sunny spot to recharge during the day. This versatility ensures that you always have a reliable source of warm light throughout, even if your campsite isn’t bathed in sunlight all day.


  • Length: 27ft
  • Outdoor usability: Waterproof
  • Number of lights: 12 Edison bulbs
  • Power source: Solar power

Tested Features:

  • Detachable solar panel that can be placed in a sunny spot for recharging
  • Built-in light sensor that turns the lights on at sunset
  • Waterproof quality ensures outdoor usability
– Bright light
– Easy to install and durable
– Eco-friendly solar power source
– The brightness of the lights is heavily dependent on the solar panel’s exposure to sunlight
– Requiring around eight hours of sunlight for optimal brightness.

2. Selarlyt Outdoor Solar String Lights

Selarlyt Outdoor Solar String Lights

If you’re looking for a string light that offers both length and versatility, the Selarlyt Outdoor Solar String Lights are an excellent option.

With a staggering length of 72ft and 200 lights, these solar-powered string lights provide ample illumination for an expansive campsite.

They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and are fully waterproof, ensuring a reliable light source regardless of the weather.

The Selarlyt Outdoor Solar String Lights are not just about quantity but also quality. They come with eight different lighting modes that are built-in and can be adjusted according to your needs or mood, offering a unique and customizable lighting experience.

Whether you want a steady glow or a twinkling display, these solar string lights have you covered!!!


  • Length: 72ft
  • Outdoor usability: Waterproof
  • Number of lights: 200
  • Power source: Solar power

Tested Features:

  • Eight built-in light modes for a customizable lighting experience
  • Impressive length and number of lights for expansive illumination
  • Waterproof design for reliable outdoor use
– Bright light
– Customizable lighting modes
– Impressive length and number of lights
– The feature of various lighting modes has received mixed reviews from users.

3. Metaku Globe String Lights (Battery Powered)

Metaku Globe String Lights

The Metaku Globe String Lights bring a touch of magic to your camping nights. These battery-powered hang string lights are an excellent choice for those who prioritize brightness and prefer the reliability of traditional power supply.

With a length of 33ft and 80 globe-shaped lights, these string lights emit a soft, warm glow that creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

The Metaku Globe String Lights are not just about beauty; they also offer convenience. These novelty string lights come with a remote control, for easy operation, meaning you don’t have to leave your comfortable camping chair to adjust them.

They are powered by three AAA battery pack, which last for about 2-3 weeks when used for nine hours each day.

These battery operated string lights are also weatherproof, making them resilient to outdoor conditions.


  • Length: 33ft
  • Outdoor usability: IP67 Waterproof
  • Number of lights: 80
  • Power Source: External Batteries (Three AAA batteries)

Tested Features:

  • Comes with a remote control for easy operation
  • Powered by three AAA batteries
  • Weatherproof for reliable outdoor use
– Bright light
– Easy to control with a remote
– Weatherproof
– Long battery life
– The lifespan of the batteries can be a concern for some users

4. Blingstar Fairy Lights (USB-Powered)

Blingstar Fairy Lights

The Blingstar Fairy Lights are a budget-friendly, decorative option for those looking to add a touch of whimsy to their camping nights.

These USB port-powered string lights offer an affordable solution without compromising on quality. With a length of 33ft and 100 lights, these fairy lights add a sparkle to your campsite that’s sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.

While the Blingstar Fairy Lights might not be the brightest option on the list, they certainly make up for it with their charm.

These lights can be powered via an external power source like a power bank or a USB port, making them a versatile option for modern campers.

These outdoor string lights are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected rain ruining your starry night.


  • Length: 33ft
  • Outdoor usability: Waterproof
  • Number of lights: 100
  • Power Source: USB Powered

Tested Features:

  • USB-powered and can be powered via a power bank
  • Waterproof for reliable outdoor use
  • Decorative fairy lights design
– Affordable, decorative, can be powered with a power bank
– Weatherproof
– Not the brightest lights and their brightness is dependent on the power source.

5. Brightown Outdoor Waterproof String Lights (Wired)

Last but certainly not least, the Brightown Outdoor Waterproof String Lights are a top choice for those who prefer wired string lights.

These UL-certified lights guarantee safety and can be connected with other Brightown string lights for a more extensive display. With a length of 25ft and 27 Edison bulbs, these lights provide a warm, nostalgic glow reminiscent of classic outdoor cafes.

The Brightown Outdoor Waterproof String Lights are not just about style; they also offer practical benefits. They are weatherproof, capable of withstanding both rain and sun, making them a reliable choice for outdoor camping trips.

They are also easy to install and come with a dimming feature, allowing you to adjust the brightness to your preference.

However, keep in mind that these wired lights require a power source such as a generator for camping.


  • Length: 25ft
  • Outdoor usability: Waterproof
  • Number of lights: 27 Edison bulbs
  • Power Source: Wired

Tested Features:

  • UL-certified and can be connected with other Brightown string lights
  • Weatherproof for reliable outdoor use
  • Comes with a dimming feature
– Bright light
– Easy to install
– Weatherproof
– Can be connected with other string lights
– Dimmable
– Requires a power source like a generator for camping.

What to look for when choosing camping string lights?

Here are some of the key features to consider when selecting the perfect camping string lights to ensure that you find the right set for your next adventure:

  • Length: One of the most significant considerations when choosing camping string lights is the length. The lights should be long enough to reach the areas you want to illuminate, without being so long that they become cumbersome to set up and manage. A 20-30 foot string of lights is generally a sufficient length that still allows for easy management.
  • Power source: The power source of camping string lights is also critical to consider. Battery-operated string lights are convenient and reusable, but they may require frequent battery changes. Solar-powered options eliminate the need for constant battery replacements, and they are incredibly eco-friendly. However, they are dependent on adequate sunlight to function properly. There are also options that require an AC outlet, but these are not ideal for camping trips unless generators or other power sources are available.
  • Durability: Camping string lights need to be robust enough to withstand the rough and tumble life of a camping trip. You’ll want to choose lights that are weather-resistant, water-resistant, and made from durable materials that can handle accidental bumps and drops. Lights with high-quality casing for circuitry and wires are essential to ensure that they survive rough handling and unpredictable weather conditions.
  • Brightness: The brightness of camping string lights is also an important feature to consider. You will want to choose lights that provide adequate illumination to brighten up your environment. The ideal color temperature for camping string lights is in the range of 3000-4000K. This level of brightness is optimal for relaxing at night while not disturbing wildlife or other campers nearby. Additionally, lights that feature adjustable brightness settings can add versatility and welcome convenience.
  • Lighting Modes: If you want to add some ambiance to your campsite, look for string lights with different lighting modes, such as dimming capabilities, flashing, and strobe effects. This feature lets you adjust the brightness level to fit your needs, and you can easily change the setting depending on the time of day or your mood.
  • Weather Resistance: When camping, you can’t predict the weather, so it’s best to prepare for the worst. Therefore, it’s essential to choose string lights that are weather-resistant. Weather-resistant string lights have thick insulation and are usually marked as “outdoor-rated lights”. These lights can handle rainy, snowy, or windy weather. If you live in an area with frequent thunderstorms, you should consider checking for lightning-resistant string lights as well.
  • Style and Design: Remember to consider the style and design of the camping string lights. Do you want your lights to be colorful or just warm white? Do you want them to have a specific design or shape? There are many styles of camping string lights available in the market, from classic lantern string lights to whimsical shapes like stars and moons. Choose the one that matches your personality and adds that little extra something to your camping trip
  • Ease of Use: Finally, the ease of use of your camping string lights is essential to determine, as it is important that they can be set up and managed with minimal fuss. Lights with easy-to-use clips, hooks, or ties to secure them to your tent, trees, or nearby objects are convenient and desirable. Strings with a user-friendly controller that enables switching between light modes is a further advantage.

How to use camping string lights?

Using camping string lights is straightforward, but maximizing their effectiveness and ensuring safety requires some thought. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using string lights:

1. Choose the Right Type: Before even setting up campsite lights, ensure you’ve picked the right type of string lights for camping:

  • Battery-powered string lights are portable and can be used anywhere but remember to pack extra batteries
  • Solar-powered string lights charge during the day and can light up during the night, making them eco-friendly.
  • USB-powered lights can be connected to portable chargers, but ensure your power bank has enough power.

2. Unpack and Test: Before hanging them, spread out the string lights and test them to ensure all bulbs are working.

3. Choose the Best Location:

  • Tent: Outline your tent to find it easily in the dark.
  • Trees: Wrap or drape around nearby trees to create a perimeter.
  • Eating Area: Hang them above your picnic table or cooking area for better visibility.
  • Walking Paths: Light up common paths to prevent tripping.

4. Hanging Methods:

  • Use clips or hooks to attach the lights without causing damage.
  • Looping around branches or tent poles can also work but ensure they’re secure.
  • Some lights come with magnetic ends or built-in hooks; utilize them as needed.

5. Adjust the Settings: Many string lights come with different modes, such as steady, blink, or dim. Choose the setting that’s most appropriate for your needs.

6. Safety First:

  • Ensure the lights are weatherproof if expecting rain.
  • Keep them away from flammable items.
  • Don’t leave them on unattended for prolonged periods.

7. Take Down and Store: When your camping trip comes to an end:

  • Carefully take down the lights to avoid tangling.
  • Check for any damages or burnt-out bulbs.
  • Roll or fold them neatly and store in a dry pouch or bag.

8. Maintenance:

  • Clean them with a dry or slightly damp cloth after each trip.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Regularly check the power source (batteries, solar panels) for any wear or corrosion.

Comparison of Products

Product NameLengthNumber of LightsPower SourceOutdoor UsabilityKey Features
Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Lights27ft12SolarWaterproofDetachable solar panel, built-in light sensor
Selarlyt Outdoor Solar String Lights72ft200SolarWaterproofEight built-in light modes
Metaku Globe String Lights33ft80BatteryIP67 WaterproofPowered by three AAA batteries, comes with a remote
Blingstar Fairy Lights33ft100USBWaterproofUSB-powered, can be powered via a power bank
Brightown Outdoor Waterproof String Lights25ft27WiredWaterproofUL-certified, can be connected with other Brightown string lights, dimmable


Simply put, string lights are a bunch of tiny lights strung together. When draped around a campsite, they act like little beacons, guiding your way and ensuring you don’t end up using your shoe as a pillow.

But it’s not just about the practical side of things. There’s something magical about a campsite softly lit up. It turns an ordinary camping spot into a scene straight out of a fairy tale. It’s a mix of ambiance and utility, creating an atmosphere where stories flow more freely, laughter echoes a bit louder, and memories are etched a little deeper.

So while you go camping, be it car camping or rv camping or tent camping, to connect with nature, to find that quiet spot away from the hustle of city life, having a string of lights around can make the experience more comfortable and definitely more memorable. They’re like little fireflies you can control, ensuring you have light exactly where you want it. And that simple addition can turn a good camping trip into a great one.

Happy Camping!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are solar camping string lights bright enough for camping?

Yes, solar camping string lights are usually bright enough for camping. However, their brightness can vary based on the amount of sunlight the solar panel receives during the day.

How long do battery-powered camping string lights last?

The lifespan of battery-powered camping string lights can vary based on the type of batteries used and how often the lights are used. However, a good quality set of lights with fresh batteries can typically last for 2-3 weeks when used for nine hours each day.

Can I connect multiple string sets of camping lights together?

Yes, some camping string lights are designed to be connected together for a more extensive display. It’s important to check the product specifications to ensure this is possible.

How waterproof are camping string lights?

Most camping string lights are designed to be weatherproof or waterproof. They should be able to withstand normal outdoor conditions, including rain.

Is it safe to use wired camping string lights outdoors?

Yes, it is safe provided they are specifically designed for outdoor use and are correctly installed and maintained. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

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