Best Camping Lanterns 2024: Brighten Your Wilderness Nights

Best Camping Lanterns

Does the thought of camping under the starlit sky excite you, but the fear of lurking in the dark scares you off? Well, let’s shed some light on the situation! Introducing the best camping lanterns of 2024, your trusty companions that fear no darkness. With these lanterns, you can turn your night-time camping fears into an illuminating experience.

Camping is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature, but it’s not so wonderful when you’re fumbling in the dark for your tent zipper or tripping over unseen roots. That’s where a reliable camping lantern comes in handy. It not only lights up your immediate surroundings but also ensures safety during your wilderness adventures. And just like your favorite marshmallows over the campfire, we’ve toasted down the list to the cream of the crop.

We understand that choosing a camping lantern can be as tricky as setting up a tent in the dark. With so many options available, how do you know which one is the best fit for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Our comprehensive guide will help you navigate through the jungle of choices. So sit back, buckle up, and let us take you on a luminescent journey through the best camping lanterns of 2024.

Ready to transform your dark and spooky camping nights into a well-lit, enjoyable experience? With the right camping lantern, you’ll be able to see the wilderness in a whole new light. So, let’s switch on the adventure and get started!!!


  • Coleman Quad LED Lantern : Best Camping Lantern ( Overall)
  • LE LED Camping Lantern : Most Versatile Lantern
  • Energizer Vision HD LED Lantern : Most Durable Camping Lantern
  • STANLEY FATMAX LEDLIS Lantern : Best Rechargeable( USB Charging) Lantern
  • Black Diamond Apollo Lantern : Most Compact Lantern

1. Coleman Quad LED Lantern

When it comes to reliable outdoor gear, Coleman is a trusted name and their Quad LED Lantern is no exception. This lantern is designed with convenience and versatility in mind, with four detachable light panels that can be used independently as handheld flashlights. Whether you’re lighting up a large campsite or need a portable light for a midnight bathroom trip, this lantern has you covered.

Going into more detail, each of the four removable panels has 8 LEDs that provide 190 extra-bright lumens. Even more, the panels automatically recharge once reattached to the base, ensuring that you’re never left in the dark. This lantern is the perfect combination of innovation and practicality, making it a reliable choice for any camping trip.


  • LED Panel: 4 adjustable LED panels, each with 8 LEDs (32 LEDs total)
  • Runtime: Up to 75 hours of runtime on low, 18 hours on high
  • Construction: Water-resistant durable plastic construction
  • Brightness: Adjustable brightness levels
– Very bright
– Long battery life
– Adjustable
– Bulky
– Not fully waterproof

2. LE LED Camping Lantern

The LE LED Camping Lantern is a compact and versatile option for those who value portability and convenience.

This lantern not only provides sufficient light but also comes with a detachable flashlight, making it a 2-in-1 solution for your camping needs.

Delving deeper, this lantern features 30 LEDs divided into three color options – white, red, and blue. With three brightness levels and a runtime of up to 12 hours, this lantern ensures you won’t be left scrambling in the dark. Moreover, its water-resistant and durable ABS plastic construction makes it ideal for rugged outdoor use.


  • LEDs: 30 LEDs (10 white, 10 red, 10 blue)
  • Brightness Levels: 3 brightness levels (high, low, flashing)
  • Durability: Water resistant and durable ABS plastic
  • Runtime: Up to 12 hours of runtime
  • Feature: Detachable flashlight
– Compact
– Lightweight
– Water resistant
– Short runtime
– Not very bright

3. Energizer Vision HD LED Lantern

Energizer Vision HD LED Lantern

From the brand that’s synonymous with long-lasting batteries comes the Energizer Vision HD LED Lantern, a robust and reliable addition to your camping gear.

This lantern is all about longevity, with a runtime that’s designed to outlast your longest camping trips.

Going into more detail, this lantern harnesses the power of 7 LEDs and boasts a runtime of up to 90 hours on low and 24 hours on high. It is housed in a water-resistant and impact-resistant casing, making it sturdy enough to survive the rough and tumble of camping life. Plus, it features a fold-down handle for easy hanging, further enhancing its practicality.


  • LEDs: 7 LEDs
  • Runtime: Up to 90 hours of runtime on low, 24 hours on high
  • Durability: Water resistant and impact resistant casing
  • Feature: Fold-down handle for hanging
– Long battery life
– Durable
– Not very bright
– Bulky



The STANLEY FATMAX LEDLIS Lantern is a robust and feature-packed choice for camping enthusiasts.

Its rugged design and added features make it more than just a light source – it’s a tool that enhances your camping experience.

Delving deeper, this lantern features 10 LEDs divided into white and red for different lighting needs. With up to 100 hours of runtime on low and 20 hours on high, this lantern ensures you have light whenever you need it. It has been drop-tested to 2 meters and is water-resistant, making it tough enough for any camping trip. Plus, it comes with a built-in USB charger, so you can keep your devices powered up even in the wilderness.


  • LEDs: 10 LEDs (5 white, 5 red)
  • Brightness Settings: 3 brightness settings (high, low, nightlight)
  • Durability: Water resistant and drop tested to 2 meters
  • Runtime: Up to 20 hours of runtime on high, 100 hours on low
  • Feature: Built-in USB charger
– Durable
– Water resistant
– USB charging
– Short runtime on high
– Not collapsible

5. Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

The Black Diamond Apollo Lantern is a compact and stylish option for those who value design as well as function.

Its sleek modern design is matched by its impressive lighting capabilities and practical features.

Going into more detail, this lantern features a unique dimming function that allows you to adjust the brightness according to your needs. The QuadPower LED enclosed in a frosted globe produces a bright, non-glaring light that’s perfect for setting up camp or cooking. It also comes with a unique battery power indicator and a convenient collapsible double-hook hang loop.


  • LEDs: QuadPower LED
  • Brightness Settings: Dimming function
  • Design: Frosted globe for bright, ambient light
  • Feature: Collapsible double-hook hang loop
  • Extra: Battery power indicator
– Compact
– Stylish design
– Dimming function
– Higher price point
– Not as durable as other options

6. Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern

Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern

The Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern is a compact and versatile lighting solution for any outdoor adventure.

This lantern is small in size but big on features, making it an excellent choice for both casual weekend campers and hardcore wilderness explorers.

Going into more detail, this lantern features adjustable brightness levels, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your campsite. It also includes a built-in USB port for charging your devices on the go. With up to 500 hours of runtime on the lowest setting, this lantern is designed to last for the long haul.



  • Brightness Settings: Adjustable brightness levels
  • Feature: Built-in USB port
  • Runtime: Up to 500 hours of runtime on lowest setting
  • Design: Compact and lightweight
– Compact
– Long runtime
– USB charging
– Not as bright as other options
– Expensive for its size

7. BioLite BaseLantern XL

BioLite BaseLantern XL

The BioLite BaseLantern XL offers a unique blend of functionality and innovation.

This flatpack lantern combines the benefits of a traditional lantern with the convenience of a smart device, making it a standout choice for tech-savvy campers.

Going into more detail, this lantern features edge-lighting technology that provides a bright, even light without the bulkiness of traditional lanterns. It also includes a 12000 mAh rechargeable battery that can also charge your devices. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can control the lantern’s settings directly from your phone.


  • Technology: Edge-lighting technology
  • Battery: 12000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity for control via phone
  • Design: Compact flatpack design
– Compact
– Rechargeable battery
– Bluetooth connectivity
– High price point
– Shorter runtime

8. UST 30-DAY Duro LED Portable Lantern

UST 30-DAY Duro LED Portable Lantern

The UST 30-DAY Duro LED Portable Lantern is a durable and reliable option for those who need a lantern that can withstand the elements.

This lantern is built to last, with a rugged design that can handle any camping trip.

Going into more detail, this lantern features a high-powered, lifetime LED that produces 700 lumens on high and 30 lumens on low. With an impressive runtime of 30 days on low and 22 hours on high, this lantern ensures you have light when you need it most. It’s also water-resistant and impact-resistant, making it a tough addition to your camping gear.


  • LED: High-powered, lifetime LED
  • Brightness: 700 lumens on high, 30 lumens on low
  • Durability: Water-resistant and impact-resistant
  • Runtime: 30 days on low, 22 hours on high
– Durable
– Long runtime
– High brightness
– Bulky
– Not as versatile as other options

9. Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern

Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern

The Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on performance.

These lanterns are compact, lightweight, and incredibly bright, making them a great choice for any camping trip.

Going into more detail, each lantern in this pack features 30 super bright LEDs that provide 360° of bright white light. They are also collapsible for easy storage and have a runtime of up to 12 hours. Made from military-grade materials, these lanterns are designed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.


  • LEDs: 30 super bright LEDs
  • Brightness: 360° of bright white light
  • Design: Collapsible for easy storage
  • Durability: Made from military-grade materials
  • Runtime: Up to 12 hours
– Compact
– Bright
– Good value for money
– Short runtime
– Not as durable as other options

10. LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns

LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns

The LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns are a versatile and practical option for campers who need more than just a light source.

These lanterns double up as phone chargers, making them a handy tool for any camping trip.

Going into more detail, these lanterns feature a high-efficiency solar panel that charges the lantern in 14-28 hours of sunlight. They also include a 2000 mAh battery for charging your devices. With a runtime of up to 50 hours and a waterproof and dustproof design, these lanterns are built to last.


  • Charging: High-efficiency solar panel
  • Battery: 2000 mAh battery for charging devices
  • Durability: Waterproof and dustproof
  • Runtime: Up to 50 hours
– Solar charging
– Phone charging
– Long runtime
– Longer charging time
– Not as bright as other options

11. MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0

The MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 lantern is an eco-friendly solution for your camping light needs.

This solar-powered lantern is a lightweight and waterproof option, perfect for backpacking, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

Going into more detail, the MPowerd Luci Solar powered lantern offers up to 18 hours of light on a single charge, ensuring you’re never left in the dark. It also includes a battery level indicator, so you know exactly when it’s time for a recharge. With its adjustable base strap, it can be easily attached to your backpack or hung inside your tent.


  • Power: Solar-powered
  • Runtime: Up to 18 hours of light on a single charge
  • Durability: Waterproof and lightweight
  • Extra: Battery level indicator and adjustable base strap
– Eco-friendly
– Lightweight
– Long runtime
– Dependent on sunlight for charging
– Not as bright as other options

12. Anker Bolder LC90 Rechargeable Flashlight

The Anker Bolder LC90 Rechargeable Flashlight is a compact and powerful option for those who prefer the convenience of a flashlight.

It features a robust, aluminum body that is water-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Going into more detail, this flashlight is equipped with a high-performance Cree LED that delivers a maximum output of 900 lumens. It also includes a rechargeable battery, providing up to 13 hours of light on medium mode. Its adjustable zoom and five light settings make it a versatile choice for various lighting needs.


  • LED: High-performance Cree LED
  • Brightness: Maximum output of 900 lumens
  • Durability: Water-resistant, robust aluminum body
  • Runtime: Up to 13 hours of light on medium mode
– Compact
– Powerful
– Rechargeable
– Not as versatile as a lantern
– Shorter runtime than other options

13. Fenix CL30R Rechargeable Camping Lantern

The Fenix CL30R Rechargeable Camping Lantern is a high-performance lantern designed to light up large areas.

It features a micro-USB rechargeable battery, making it a convenient and eco-friendly choice for camping enthusiasts.

Going into more detail, this lantern delivers a maximum output of 650 lumens, providing ample illumination for your campsite. It includes a built-in USB port that allows you to charge your other devices. Its durable, water-resistant design ensures it can withstand harsh weather conditions


  • Brightness: Maximum output of 650 lumens
  • Durability: Water-resistant
  • Power: Micro-USB rechargeable battery
  • Feature: Built-in USB port for charging other devices
– Bright
– Rechargeable
– USB charging port
– Bulkier than other options
– High price point

14. BioLite SunLight Solar Powered Lantern

The BioLite SunLight Solar Powered Lantern is a compact and eco-friendly lighting solution perfect for your next camping trip.

This lantern harnesses the power of the sun, providing you with a renewable source of light wherever you go.

Going into more detail, this lantern includes a solar panel that fully charges the light in 7 hours of sunlight. It also offers a micro-USB input for times when sunlight is scarce. With its dimmable white, red, and full-color mode, this lantern ensures you always have the right light for your environment.


  • Power: Solar panel and micro-USB input
  • Charging: Fully charged in 7 hours of sunlight
  • Brightness: Dimmable white, red, and full-color mode
  • Design: Compact and lightweight
– Compact
– Solar-powered
– Colorful lighting options
– Dependent on sunlight for charging
– Not as bright as other options

15. Snow Peak Hozuki LED Lantern

The Snow Peak Hozuki LED Lantern is a stylish and high-quality lantern perfect for those who appreciate a fusion of design and functionality.

Its unique design is inspired by the Hozuki plant, making it a beautiful addition to any campsite.

Going into more detail, this lantern features an LED candle mode, which realistically mimics the flicker of a candle’s flame. It also includes a sleep mode, which automatically turns off the lantern when the surrounding area becomes silent. With a run time of up to 80 hours, this lantern ensures you have a reliable light source throughout your camping trip.


  • Design: Unique Hozuki plant-inspired design
  • Modes: LED candle mode and sleep mode
  • Runtime: Up to 80 hours
  • Material: Durable plastic construction
– Stylish design
– Long runtime
– Unique lighting modes
– Higher price point
– Not as bright as other options

How To Choose The Best Lantern For Camping?

Identify your camping lantern needs

  • Purpose: Are you looking for a lantern to light up your entire campsite, or just something to use inside your tent? The scope of your need will influence the type of lantern you should consider.
  • Frequency of use: If you’re an occasional camper, you may not need a high-end lantern with all the bells and whistles. On the other hand, if you camp frequently or for long periods, investing in a durable and long-lasting lantern could be worth it.
  • Environment: Will you be camping in a rainy location? Or perhaps in a place with lots of insects? Some lanterns are better suited for certain environments than others.
  • Portability: Do you plan on taking your lantern hiking or backpacking? If so, you’ll want to look for a lightweight and compact model.

Choose between fuel types for camping lanterns

When it comes to camping lanterns, not all fuel types are created equal. Your choice of fuel can make a significant difference in the lantern’s performance, convenience, and safety. There are three main types of lanterns based on the fuel they use: electric, gas, and candle lanterns.

  • Electric Lanterns: These are by far the most common and convenient lanterns on the market. They run on batteries or can be recharged using a USB port. Electric lanterns produce a lot of light, don’t emit any fumes, and are safe to use inside tents. The downside? You’ll need to remember to charge them or bring extra batteries.
  • Gas Lanterns: Powered by propane or butane, gas lanterns produce a very bright light and can run for a long time. They’re great for lighting up large areas. But, they can be bulky and aren’t recommended for use inside a tent due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Candle Lanterns: These provide a soft, natural light and are perfect for creating a cozy campsite ambiance. They’re lightweight and don’t require any batteries. However, they won’t light up a large area and, like any open flame, they present a fire hazard.

Consider the brightness and adjustability of the camping lantern

The brightness of a camping lantern is measured in lumens — the higher the lumens, the brighter the light. If you plan on illuminating a large campsite or need to perform tasks that require a lot of light, like cooking or map reading, you should aim for a lantern with a high lumen count. On the other hand, if you prefer a softer light for a cozy campfire ambiance, a lantern with lower lumens should suffice.

But brightness isn’t everything. It’s equally important to choose a lantern with adjustable brightness settings. This feature allows you to dial the light up or down depending on your needs and can help conserve battery or fuel life. Some high-end lanterns even offer a variety of lighting modes, including warm light, cool light, and even colored lights for a bit of fun.

Just like Savvy Mountaineer suggests in their guide to the best camping string lights, you should always consider the brightness of your lantern. Not only will it ensure you have the right amount of light when you need it, but it can also greatly enhance your overall camping experience. So, remember, when it comes to camping lanterns, sometimes it really is all about “the bright stuff!”

Evaluate the durability and weather resistance of the camping lantern

When it comes to durability, you should consider a camping lantern that can withstand a bit of wear and tear. After all, camping often involves a fair amount of rough and tumble activity, and the last thing you want is your lantern giving out on you in the middle of the night. Look for lanterns made with sturdy material like reinforced plastic or metal, and those that can handle a drop or two.

Let’s not forget about weather resistance. Mother Nature can be unpredictable, and your lantern should be prepared for whatever she throws its way. This means choosing a lantern that’s water-resistant, or even waterproof, if you’re camping in a particularly rainy area or season.

To quote the Savvy Mountaineer’s guide on the best camping string lights, “Camping string lights need to be robust enough to withstand the rough and tumble life of a camping trip.” This advice applies equally well to camping lanterns.

So, when you’re shopping for your camping lantern, don’t just consider the light it provides—make sure it’s durable and weather-resistant as well. After all, your camping lantern isn’t just a light source; it’s an adventure companion!

Check the battery life or fuel capacity of the camping lantern

If you’re going for an electric lantern, check the battery life carefully. Some lanterns use disposable batteries, while others are rechargeable. The battery life can range from a few hours to several days depending on the lantern’s brightness settings and battery capacity.

On the other hand, if you’re leaning towards a fuel-based lantern, you’ll need to consider the fuel capacity. These lanterns can run on propane, butane, or liquid fuel. While they can offer brighter light, they also require you to carry extra fuel, which could add to your camping gear’s weight.

Remember, a lantern with a longer battery life or larger fuel capacity might be heavier, so you’ll need to find a balance based on your specific needs.

Pro tip: Look for lanterns with a power indicator or fuel gauge. This can help you keep track of the lantern’s remaining power or fuel, preventing any unexpected blackouts.

Fuel capacity or battery life, it’s all about finding the right lantern that’ll keep your campsite lit and lively for as long as you need. So don’t forget to factor this in while making your camping lantern choice!

Assess the size and weight of the camping lantern

When it comes to the size of the lantern, smaller isn’t always better. A tiny lantern might be light and easy to carry, but it might not provide enough light for your needs. On the other hand, a large lantern can light up a large area but might be a pain to lug around. So, you’ll need to strike a balance between size and brightness.

Now, let’s talk about weight. A lightweight lantern is a backpacker’s best friend. If you’re car camping, you can afford a bit of luxury and opt for a heavier, perhaps brighter, lantern. But if you’re hiking to your campsite, you’ll want something lightweight and compact.

Here are a few things to consider when assessing the size and weight:

  • Portability: A camping lantern with a handle or hook can be easily hung up in a tent or carried around the campsite.
  • Bulk: A bulky lantern might take up too much space in your backpack.
  • Stability: A lantern with a broad base will be more stable and less likely to tip over in the wind.

Look for Additional Features in the Camping Lantern

For starters, how about a built-in USB charging port? This can come in handy for powering up your phone or other devices. That’s right, your lantern can double as a power bank!

Next, consider if the lantern has different lighting modes. Some lanterns offer multiple settings, like low, medium, high, and even a flashing SOS mode for emergencies. This makes them versatile and adaptable to various situations, from a chill evening of storytelling to a sudden power outage in the wilderness.

Water resistance is another feature worth noting. A lantern that can withstand a surprise shower—or a mishap near the lake—can be a real lifesaver.

Finally, think about ease of use. A lantern with intuitive controls will make your camping experience smoother and more enjoyable. Who wants to fumble in the darkness trying to figure out how to switch modes or adjust the brightness?

Compare Prices and Warranties of Different Camping Lanterns

Firstly, always have a budget in mind. Remember, a camping lantern is just one part of your outdoor gear. You don’t want to splurge on a high-end lantern and then skimp on your tent or sleeping bag. So, define your budget and stick to it.

Now, within that budget, you’ll find a range of lanterns, each with its own set of features and specifications. Compare these products side by side. Look at the features they offer for the price. Is the extra brightness worth the additional cost? Or can you make do with a slightly less bright lantern and save a few bucks?

Next, let’s talk warranty. When you buy a camping lantern, you’re making an investment, and you want to ensure it’s protected. A good warranty can offer you that peace of mind. Some companies offer up to a year of warranty, while others may offer even more. So, do your homework and read the fine print. This could save you from unexpected costs down the line.

Read Reviews and Ratings of the Camping Lantern

Online reviews are a treasure trove of information. You’ll find everything from product durability, battery life, brightness levels, to even how well the lantern performs in different weather conditions. Look for patterns in reviews. If multiple users are praising (or criticizing) a particular feature, chances are, they’re onto something.

Ratings, on the other hand, are a quick way to assess the overall satisfaction of users with the product. A high rating is often a good sign. However, don’t just rely on the overall score. Dive into the details. How has the product been rated on specific parameters like brightness or durability? This will give you a more nuanced understanding of what to expect.

Remember, take each review with a grain of salt. Not every camper’s needs are the same. What works for one might not work for you. But, overall, reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights that could help you make your final decision.

Make a Final Decision and Purchase Your Camping Lantern

Start by revisiting your initial needs and preferences. Does the lantern you’ve zeroed in on meet most, if not all, of your requirements? If yes, you’re on the right track. If not, you may want to reconsider your options. Don’t rush this process. It’s better to spend a bit more time now than to regret your purchase later.

Consider the price of the lantern. Is it within your budget? Remember, a higher price doesn’t always guarantee higher quality. Sometimes, a cheaper lantern might serve you just as well.

Lastly, think about the brand’s reputation and the warranty it offers. A long warranty period often indicates a company’s faith in its product. And, a well-known brand is likely to provide better customer service.

Here’s to your upcoming camping trips being filled with light and laughter!

Comparison of Products

Product NameBrightnessRuntimeSpecial FeaturesPrice
Energizer Vision HD LED Lantern7 LEDs24-90 hoursImpact resistant$45.99
STANLEY FATMAX LEDLIS Lantern10 LEDs (5 white, 5 red)20-100 hoursUSB charging$49.99
Black Diamond Apollo LanternQuadPower LEDVariableDimming function$64.99
Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini LanternAdjustableUp to 500 hoursUSB charging$39.99
BioLite BaseLantern XLEdge-lightingVariableBluetooth connectivity$129.99
UST 30-DAY Duro LED Portable Lantern700 lumens22 hours-30 daysImpact resistant$49.99
Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern360° of bright lightUp to 12 hoursCompact and collapsible$27.99 for a pack of 4
LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger LanternsVariableUp to 50 hoursSolar charging and phone charging$49.95
MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0Solar poweredUp to 18 hoursBattery level indicator$24.95
Anker Bolder LC90 Rechargeable Flashlight900 lumensUp to 13 hoursCompact and powerful$29.99
Fenix CL30R Rechargeable Camping Lantern650 lumensVariableUSB charging port$109.95
BioLite SunLight Solar Powered LanternSolar poweredVariableCompact and lightweight$24.95
Snow Peak Hozuki LED LanternVariableUp to 80 hoursUnique Hozuki plant-inspired design$99.95


Well, there you have it folks, a comprehensive guide to the best camping lanterns of 2024. It’s been quite a ride, hasn’t it? Like a night-time hike through the wilderness, we’ve navigated the twists and turns of camping lantern specifications, pros, and cons. We’ve scaled the heights of brightness and delved into the depths of battery life. And just like a trusty lantern, we’ve shed light on the darkest corners of the lantern market to bring you the shining stars of the camping world.

So why should you listen to us? Well, we’re not just experts in writing. We’re avid campers too. We’ve been in your hiking boots, fumbling with tent poles in the dark, tripping over unseen roots. We know the value of a reliable camping lantern. And we’ve put our love of the great outdoors and our expertise together to bring you this guide.

Remember, the best camping lantern for you depends on your needs. Do you want the brightest light, or the longest battery life? Do you need a compact lantern for hiking, or a durable one that can survive a fall? Or perhaps you’re an eco-warrior looking for a solar-powered option? Whatever your needs, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect lantern in this list.

So go ahead and choose your beacon of light from our list of the best camping lanterns of 2024. And next time you’re out camping, you’ll not only be able to enjoy the beauty of the starlit sky, but you’ll also have your own personal constellation illuminating your campsite. Happy camping!

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