The Best Blackout Tents for the Ultimate Camping Experience (2023)

Best Blackout Tent
Our Best Choice Overall: Coleman Skydome Camping Tent with Dark Room Technology
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As an ardent lover of the great outdoors and a seasoned camper, I’ve always found the search for the perfect camping gear to be an exciting journey. 

Over the years, I’ve come to realize the importance of having a good quality tent that not only protects from the elements but also provides a comfortable interior space to rest after a day’s adventure.

This is where blackout tents come in. These dark room tents, with their unique ability to block out sunlight, have revolutionized my camping experience. No longer do I have to wake up with the first rays of the sun or sweat in a hot tent during a sunny afternoon.

 In my quest to find the best gear for fellow outdoor enthusiasts, I’ve carefully researched and selected some of the best blackout tents available. 

So, whether you’re planning quick weekend getaways or long-term family camping trips, I’m confident these recommendations will contribute to a fantastic outdoor experience.

Our Top Picks:

  • Darkest Tent: Crua Outdoors Culla Maxx 3 Person Light Insulated Tent
  • Best Blackout Tent (Overall): Coleman Skydome Camping Tent with Dark Room Technology
  • Best Blackout Instant Tent: Coleman Camp Burst 4P Tent
  • Best Blackout Cabin Tent: Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent
  • Best Budget Blackout Tent: Coleman Skydome Camping Tent with Dark Room Technology

Best Blackout Tents

Darkest Tent

Crua Outdoors Culla Maxx 3 Person Light Insulated Tent

Crua Outdoors Culla Maxx 3 Person Light Insulated Tent

The Crua Outdoors Culla Maxx 3 Person Light Insulated Tent is a well-constructed tent designed to comfortably accommodate up to three people. As Crua Outdoors have a reputation for quality and innovation, this dark tent is built with durable materials that can withstand various weather conditions. Given the “light insulated” in the name, the tent features a layer of insulation intended to control temperature and reduce noise, helping campers sleep more comfortably. It has no windows meaning there is no chance of light entering the tent. Like many Crua Outdoors tents, it includes features like built-in storage pockets and durable zippers.


  • Weight: 7.5 kgs
  • Height: 48 Inches
  • Dimensions: 81.57 x 76.77 x 47.99 inches
  • Shape: Dome
  • Best for 4-Seasons
  • Price: $$$


  • Dark Tent
  • Noise-cancelling tent
  • 450g/m2 insulation
  • Breathable Polyester
  • good ventilation
  • Insulated material
– Insulated design for a comfortable sleeping environment
– Built with high-quality materials for durability
– Suitable size for small groups or families
– Little expensive
– It can get too hot inside the tent for summer camping
Best overall Blackout Tent

Coleman Skydome Camping Tent with Dark Room Technology

This Coleman tent is known for its roomy interior, with a 20% increase in headroom(thanks to near vertical wall) compared to traditional Coleman dome tents. This design gives you space to stand up and move around, improving the overall comfort. It can comfortably fit two queen-sized air beds and offers space for up to 6 campers in sleeping bags.

This six-person tent is has the Dark Room Technology, which blocks out 90% of sunlight, allowing you to sleep past sunrise or take a nap during the day. This technology also reduces how much the tent heats up during the day by reflecting sunlight, maintaining a cooler environment inside. This durable blackout tent also boasts a “WeatherTec” system, designed for water resistance and wind stability. The patented corner welds and inverted seams, helps keep water out for a dry and comfortable camping experience.


  • Weight: 7kgs
  • Height: 6 feet
  • Floor Area: ‎23.2 Square Meters
  • Shape: Dome
  • Best For 4-seasons
  • Price: $$


  • Pre-attached poles
  • Dark room technology
  • Near vertical walls
  • Weathertec System
  • Wide door
  • Mesh storage pockets
  • Gear loft
– Increased headroom for added comfort
– Dark Room technology allows for better sleep and cooler tent temperatures
– Resistant to weather elements with WeatherTec system
– It might be a bit challenging for beginners to set up
– May not hold up perfectly in extremely harsh weather conditions
Best Blackout Instant Tent

The Coleman Camp Burst Dark Room Tent provides a perfect balance between space and portability, accommodating up to 4 people while remaining relatively lightweight. This makes it an excellent option for small families or groups. Dark Room technology is the standout feature of these Coleman blackout tents, blocking out 90% of sunlight for a restful sleep anytime. These Coleman tents are easy to setup and save time thanks to its Umbrella-style pop-up tent design.

Furthermore, these darkroom tents have good ventilation, keeping the interior comfortable even in warmer weather. However, there are minor drawbacks, such as the zipper design, which can sometimes snag on the fabric, and the tent may not be completely waterproof in heavy rains.


  • Dimensions LxWxH : 115.2 x 98.4 x 51.6 inches
  • Best for 3-Seasons
  • Price: $$


  • Dark room technology
  • Polyester fabric
  • Rain fly
  • Pop-up design
  • Tub-style floor
  • Taped seams
  • 4 windows
  • Ground vent
– Dark Room technology for better sleep
– Quick and easy setup
– Good ventilation system for a more comfortable environment
– The zipper design may sometimes snag on the tent’s fabric
– Little hard to take down the tent
Best Blackout Cabin Tent

The Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent is a spacious and comfortable camping option. Designed to accommodate up to ten people, this instant tent offers ample room for you, your family and your camping gear. The tent layout includes room dividers to create separate living and sleeping spaces, and it has a large front awning for added shade and space.

These instant tents feature ‘Dark Rest’ technology that helps block sunlight, allowing for more comfortable and longer sleep cycles by creating a cool and dark interior environment. These dark rest tents also include an innovative instant setup design that allow for quicker and easier setup than traditional tents, saving you time and energy. Furthermore, these camping tents features multiple skylights with interior ceiling panels that allow you to control the light exposure and can be rolled back for a stargazing experience.


  • Height: 78 Inches
  • Floor Area: 140 sqft
  • Dimensions: 165″L x 120″W x 78″H
  • Type: Cabin
  • Best For 4-Seasons
  • Price: $$


  • Fully taped
  • Factory-sealed seams
  • E-cord
  • Rain fly
  • Pre-attached poles
  • Gear loft
– Dark Rest technology helps to create a comfortable and cool environment
– Quick and easy setup due to the instant design feature
– Room dividers and large front awning add to functionality and comfort
– While this tent is designed to withstand typical weather conditions, extreme weather could present a challenge
– Not fully leak-proof
Best Budget Blackout Tent

WFS Blackout 8-Person Dome Camping Tent is a sizable tent, designed to accommodate up to 8 people. The 12’x9′ size suggests a generous space for campers and their gear. What’s particularly impressive about this tent is its blackout capabilities. It’s designed to significantly reduce the amount of sunlight entering the tent, which translates into longer, more comfortable sleep – no need to worry about being awakened by the early morning sun! The gray color scheme of this sun blocking tent also works effectively to reflect sunlight, helping to keep the interior cool, even during warmer days.

Additionally, the dome shape not only makes it relatively straightforward to set up, but also lends it a good resistance to wind, an essential feature when you’re out in the wild. While this tent is designed to withstand typical outdoor conditions, it’s important to bear in mind that extreme weather conditions could present challenges.


  • Height: 99 Inches
  • Floor Area: 108 feet
  • Dimensions LxWxH‎: 144 x 108 x 99 inches
  • Shape: Square
  • Best for 3-seasons
  • Price: $


  • Blackout fabric
  • Shock corded fiberglass poles
  • Stakes
  • 2 mesh storage pockets
  • Gear loft
  • E-Port
  • UV Guard
  • Taped seams
  • Carry bag
– Spacious enough for up to 8 people
– Blackout material for a comfortable sleep
– The dome design can provide stability and resistance to wind

– As with many larger tents, it might not be as sturdy in extreme weather conditions

What Is A Blackout Tent?

A “blackout tent” is a camping shelter that has been carefully made to keep out the majority, if not all, of the light.

Wondering why you would require a blackout tent?

Well, imagine you’ve just finished a long day of hiking, fishing, or just generally exploring and you want to get some well-deserved rest. As much as you love the great outdoors, the early morning sunlight can really interrupt a good sleep. This is where the blackout tent shines – it lets you sleep in as long as you want by blocking sunlight.

These blackout tents not only help you with sleep, but they also offer a cool refuge in the middle of a hot day as they are designed to reduce heat inside the tent during daylight hours.

These tents are perfect if you are summer camping and need to escape the sun for a bit.


As a devoted outdoor enthusiast, I can attest to the significant role that the right equipments play in creating the perfect camping experience. A crucial part of these equipments are, undoubtedly, the tent you choose.

Blackout tents, with their unique ability to block sunlight, provide the ultimate comfortable sleeping environment and a cool shelter during the day, ensuring every camping trip is a success.

Blackout tents come in a variety of sizes and designs, catering to a wide range of camping needs. It’s not just about the darkened and cooler interior they offer, but also the myriad of other features they possess.

Some might impress with their generous space, others with their compact design, while certain models stand out with their special setup mechanisms and additional features.

Choosing the best tent is a highly personalized decision, depending on your specific needs and circumstances.

Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a duo of explorers, or a family of campers, there’s a blackout tent out there that can meet your requirements.

The key lies in considering the pros and cons, evaluating your preferences, and selecting the tent that will amplify your outdoor adventure the most.

Here’s to many more memorable camping trips ahead!

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